The Mission of Preservation Chelsea

It is our mission to preserve Chelsea as a village rich with history and charm, reflected by historic buildings, surrounding farmlands, and as found in our beautiful and vibrant village center. We aim to work through education, offering to ourselves and the community the history of Chelsea as well as the issues shaping our future. We intend actively to preserve historic landmarks and to have a voice in all issues that affect any possible de-centralization of our village. It is our intention to pursue this mission with full involvement and input from merchants and citizens of Chelsea and to act in ways that make sense for the preservation of Chelsea's charm and historic integrity while supporting a vibrant and successful downtown.

Federal Screw Works

Federal Screw Works
This property has been under threat of total demolition since 2008--there are historically signficant and architecturally interesting sections that should be preserved!

Jackson Street Panorama

Jackson Street Panorama
The DDA voted at the meeting on 9.20.12 to demolish the Daniels Addition Car Showroom despite the letter from the State Historic Preservation Office. (please read below)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Proposal from Longworth Building Development Co


for the

Former Longworth Plating Site

110 Jackson Street

Chelsea, Ml 48118

submitted to:

Downtown Development Authority

City of Chelsea, Ml

RFP DDA - #1- 2012

submitted by:


Alexander Pollock, Sponsor

 JC Beal Construction Inc. | Precisely as intended.


Associated Architects – Kadushin Associates & Dangerous Architects

April 27, 2012




 A. Site Concept Plan

 B. Building Exterior Façade Renovations

 C. Building Program/Space Use Plan


 A. Renovation Construction Cost Estimates

 B. Construction Schedule


 A. Summary of Development Proposal

 B. Sources and Uses

 C. Financial Projections

 D. Sponsor Commitment Letter


 A. Red Hawk/Revive+Replenish

 B. Farmers Supply

 C. The Art Pursuit of (Chelsea)

 D. Preservation Chelsea - The Chelsea Connection


 A. Proposer Information

 B. Background Information of Key Partners

 Kadushin Associates Architects Planners, Inc.

 J.C. Beal Construction, Inc.

 The Chelsea Connection, LLC

 C. Resumes of Key Persons

 Alexander Pollock

 Abraham Kadushin

 Fred Beal

 James Valenti

 Mark Wilcox

 Scott McElrath


To: John Hanifan, City Manager
City of Chelsea
305 S. Main
Chelsea MI, 48118

From: 110 Longworth Building Development Company

 Alexander Pollock, Kadushin Associates Architects Planners, Inc.

Date: April 27, 2012

Re: RFP for the Former Longworth Plating Site – RFP DDA-#1-2012

Alexander Pollock, in association with Kadushin Associates Architects Planners, Inc. (KA), J.C.
Beal Construction, Inc.(Beal) and The Chelsea Connection, LLC (TCC) are pleased to submit
this Response to RFP DDA-#1-2012 for the former Longworth Plating Site at 110 Jackson
Street, Chelsea, MI.

We have formed the 110 Longworth Building Development Company in order to undertake the
acquisition and adaptive re-use and redevelopment of this historic and significant site into a high
quality mixed-use landmark consisting of retail uses, residential lofts, specialty food services,
arts and crafts studios, and gallery.

A seasoned and formidable development team has been assembled to plan, program, develop,
design, construct, manage and operate the 110 Longworth Building. The completed development
will create another prominent destination for local and regional residents and patrons and help
connect the Clocktown with the Downtown Main Street district. Proposed occupants who have
committed to the project include the owners and operators of the Red Hawk Grill and
Revive+Replenish Café in Ann Arbor – Roger Hewitt and Richard Shubach of Ann Arbor, The
Art Pursuit of (Chelsea), a non-profit art center focusing on ceramics led by Kris Cravens and
Prudy Vannier, and an expansion of the adjacent Chelsea Farmers Supply business into a larger
aquaponic supply facility by H.K. Leonard.

Proposal Letter (continued)

Alexander Pollock has just retired after a 42-year career as one of the Chief Architects and City
Planners for the City of Detroit Planning & Development Department. He has been responsible
for the revitalization of the historic Eastern Market; development and funding of the Washington
Boulevard Trolley Line that operated for 25 years; the acquisition and private development of the
historic floating Landsdowne restaurant with Specialty Restaurants, as well as the design of
many other historic buildings and sites around the city, including the Grand Army of the
Republic (G.A.R.) Building, currently under renovation. He also brings a substantial collection
of Civil War-era brass instruments, antique bicycles, vintage Porsche and Ferrari race cars, and
historic trolley cars from the Detroit fleet. These would be part of the building décor and will
provide a unique museum-quality exhibit and attraction as part of the design. Alex has performed
around the world blowing his bugle while riding on his high wheel bicycle as a wheelman. As a
member of the Dodworth-Saxhorn Civil War Brass Band, he recorded historic baseball music for
the Ken Burns documentary “Baseball.” Alex is one of the world’s foremost historic
streetcar/trolley experts and has consulted on new vintage trolley projects in many cities
including Richmond, VA, Charlotte, NC, Chattanooga and Memphis, TN, and New Orleans, LA.

Abraham Kadushin has led his award-winning firm, Kadushin Associates Architects Planners,
Inc. since 1975 from its home base in Ann Arbor and branch office in Miami, FL. Projects
include a significant portfolio of major historic rehabilitation, affordable housing and community
design projects and mixed-use projects utilizing public and private partnerships and all forms of
federal, state and local financing mechanisms in southeast Michigan and Florida. The firm has
partnered with Alexander Pollock on design projects outside of the City of Detroit for over 30
years as Kadushin-Pollock Design, LLC.

J. C. Beal Construction, Inc. is a 3-generation family-owned company led by Fred Beal and has a
long history of historic renovation construction projects. Beal is currently well along in the most
difficult major $80 Million Broderick Tower Building on Grand Circus Park in downtown
Detroit overlooking Comerica Park. They have achieved 60% residential loft occupancy as the
renovation proceeds. A complex array of financing including the syndication and sale of historic
rehabilitation tax credits, private equity and debt financing, and public grant and loan incentive
programs was utilized in this important downtown mixed-use residential development. Both Fred
Beal and Roger Hewitt have served long terms as members of the Ann Arbor Downtown
Development Authority and so have a great deal of experience with the practical utilization of
the DDA mechanism. Kadushin & Beal have worked together on several projects, including the
The Amsterdammer Apartments on South University for Campus Rentals in Ann Arbor and a
proposal to the Detroit Housing Commission to redevelop the former Brewster-Douglas Public

The entire development and design team is skilled and experienced with the understanding of the
entire range of available federal, state and local loan and grant programs, including historic
rehabilitation tax credits through the MI State Historic Preservation Office and the National Park
Service; opportunities available for promoting downtown economic development, historic Main
Street revitalization, and public street and infrastructure improvements.

Proposal Letter (continued)

Over the past several weeks, our team has conducted a series of inspections of the property and
has formulated a development approach that will be presented in this proposal. 110 Longworth
Building Development Company seeks exclusive site control in order to perform further due-
diligence, negotiate leases and achieve financing for the development of the project. We propose
a public-private partnership that will engage the City of Chelsea and its Downtown Development
Authority in order to achieve the highest and best utilization of the property and realize the
planning and redevelopment goals that have been established over the last several years.


Alexander Pollock, AIA, AICP



The 110 Longworth Building Development Company (110 Longworth) is pleased to respond to
the City of Chelsea’s call for a Request For Proposals to rehabilitate the Mack and Chelsea
House/Livery Buildings into a dynamic adaptive reuse to further enhance the growth of the city
of Chelsea. From an historical standpoint, few cities in Michigan could offer such an opportunity
to feature a variety of functions for family enjoyment.

Aerial View Looking South (unavailable for blogspot)

Starting with the Mack building, built during the 1880s, 110 Longworth suggests the
establishment of a mixed use function that would include the installation of a family styled
restaurant facing Main Street accompanied by loft housing on the second floor. Modest changes
to the building’s exterior would include the removal of the front segment for a landscaped plaza
to serve as the gateway into the restaurant along with large windows facing the Norfolk-Southern
Railroad and the Clock Tower. Other changes would include the removal of paint to expose the
original brick veneer color with new widows of the period. Of special importance to the
restaurant would be the installation of an historic early twentieth century American-built
streetcar representative of the early interurban era that served the city of Chelsea during the years
1900 through 1910. Later, the larger interurban streetcars came on the scene that carried freight
along with passengers. Wherever possible, interior furnishings found within the Mack Building
would be refinished and maintained.

View from Clock Tower (unavailable for blogspot)

The Chelsea House/Livery being substantially older than the Mack Building would receive
special attention to dramatize the horse livery operation during the mid 19th century. New
appropriately styled windows and doors of the period are to be fabricated and installed to return
the building’s exterior to the proper century. For children of all ages, the two windows serving
the second floor horse barn are to feature an animated experience when the Clock Tower strikes
the hour. Magically, two horses will project their heads out the window with one horse
whinnying while the other horse sticks his tongue out at the other horse.

2.A. Site Concept Plan

Site modifications are to include the removal of the rear portion of the building as covered
parking for residents of the loft housing. Interior functions of the Chelsea House/Livery barn are
to include a pottery manufacturing operation on the second floor, and the installation of an
aquaponic farming operation on the ground floor as part of an expanded Farmers Feed Store.
Additional first floor space will also be available for specialized boutiques

For safety reasons, a new six foot sidewalk and exterior lighting are to be installed alongside of
the Mack Building and the Chelsea House/Livery Building that faces Jackson Street.

2. B. Building Exterior Façade Renovation

. Outdoor plaza with landscaping and seating facing Main Street
. New cast stone perimeter similar to original wall to define plaza
. New industrial metal canopy with period lighting and building signage

Exterior Perspective Facing Main Street (unavailable for blogspot)

Proposed North Façade Elevation of Chelsea House/Livery Building (unavailable for blogspot)

Proposed North Building Façade Elevation of Mack Building(unavailable for blogspot)

and Link Addition between Buildings

. Removal of paint to capture original brick veneer
. New large picture windows at first floor
. New industrial metal awning, signage and period lighting
. Fill and enclose open well/link area with compatible period architectural façade to allow
for streetcar installation
. New pedestrian sidewalk along Jackson Street
. Removal of unused overhead power wiring by utility company


Interior changes serving both buildings would include a new elevator, hallway and stairways
designed to meet current building and safety codes. New restroom facilities are also provided for
patrons and employees.


Food/Lounge Space:

4000 sf Restaurant/Lounge on First Floor of Mack Building & remaining Daniels Buick
Showroom Building - Management and Operations by Richard Shubach/Roger M. Hewitt

The food service operation is being planned to provide catering for the Chelsea Historic Railroad
Depot across Jackson Street for special events and occasions.

Current Owners and Managers of Revive + Replenish at 619 East University near South
University & Red Hawk Grill on State Street;

Former Owners or Managers of Southside Grille, Casey’s Tavern, 328 Main, Zanzibar
Restaurant of Ann Arbor; Roger Hewitt was General Manager of the Ann Arbor Michigan
Theatre Redevelopment

Retail – Farmers Supply:

2000 sf to be leased by adjacent Chelsea Farmers Supply for an expansion to including
aquaponic supplies (fish farming) on the first floor of Livery Building

Retail – Boutique/Gallery Space

3100 sf to be leased by independent gallery/private and nonprofit arts organizations on first Floor
of Livery Building

Art Studio - Ceramics:

5100 sf on Second Floor of Livery Building to be leased by The Art Pursuit of (Chelsea) -
Kristine Craven, Prudy Vannier

Residential Loft Apartments:

4000 sf total – 800 sf/unit gross on Second Floor of Mack Building

Alexander Pollock will occupy Loft 1 and provide on-site resident management.

Interior Rendering


3. A. Cost Estimates of Renovation Construction

3. B. Approach to Project Delivery



The City of Chelsea and Downtown Development Authority (DDA) will provide:

1. Memorandum of Agreement/Option to purchase for $1 and 6 months exclusive right to
perform due diligence and achieve pre-leases and financing

2. Provide environmental remediation/hazard abatement grant of $ 200,000 for lead-based paint,
asbestos and mold remediation

3. DDA REU’s and Streetscape Improvements to parking lot and public right-of-ways

4. Provide DDA site-based liquor license at a cost to be determined

5. Approve of a PILOT (Payment in lieu of taxes) or OPRA tax abatement at a rate to be

The private development team proposes to provide:

1. Development Planning/Architecture, Design, Engineering, Construction Administration

2. Equity Financing – through the sale of Historic Tax Credits and raising of private capital

3. Private Debt Bank Financing for Building Renovation

4. Private Debt Financing for Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment

5. Operating Capital/Start-up Costs

6. Establishment of ownership/rental structure for individual elements of the property

 4. B. Sources and Uses

4. C. Financial Projections

4. D. Sponsor Commitment Letter


 A. Food Service Management and Operation –

 Red Hawk Grill/Revive + Replenish

 Roger M. Hewitt & Richard Shubach

 B. Chelsea Farmers Supply

 H. K. Leonard

C. The Art Pursuit of (Chelsea)

 Kristine Cravens & Prudy Vannier

 D. The Chelsea Connection, LLC

 Thomas Girard, Larry Bean, Jan Bernath, John Frank, Michelle McCllenan

Ceramic Studios Layout

List of Ceramic Studio Equipment


6. A. Proposer (Firm) information


Firm name, address, telephone and fax numbers;




(734) 663-3519 TEL

(734) 663-3536 FAX

Ownership/organization structure: DBA

Officers and principals:

Alexander Pollock, Sponsor & Abraham Kadushin, Principal

Firm size:

(7) Full-time and part-time personnel

The name of the representatives authorized to negotiate with the City or its representative:
Alexander Pollock, Abraham Kadushin, Michael Mehr

ln-house capabilities and services:

Architecture, Planning, Community Design, Development Consulting

Previous relevant development experience: See firm materials in Section 6.B. below

Felony lndictments/Convictions: None of the "principals" referred to above have ever been
indicted for, or convicted of, a felony. There have been no litigation matters in the past five (5)

6. B. Development Team/Background Information of Key Firms


Alexander Pollock, AIA, AICP
Abraham Kadushin, AIA, D.Arch.
Fred Beal - Beal Group
Thomas Girard, PE - The Chelsea Connection, LLC
Cathy Bean - Preservation Chelsea
Design & Development Partners:
JC Beal Construction, Inc – Fred Beal, Jim Valenti Development Manager/General Contractor
Kadushin Associates Architects Planners, Inc. Project Architect
Dangerous Architects PC Local Associated Architect
SDI, Inc. Structural Engineers
Thomas Girard, PE Local Mechanical Engineer
Sellinger Associates Mechanical & Electrical Engineers
AKT Peerless Environmental Consultants
Giffels-Webster Engineers, Inc. Civil Engineer
Evans & Luptak - Michael Mehr Attorneys
James Filipiak Accountant 

Tenant Partners:

Roger Hewitt - Red Hawk Bar & Grill Food Services Management
Richard Shubach - Revive + Replenish Food Services Operation
Farmers’ Supply – H.K. Leonard & Greg Raye Local Business Owner
Kristine Cravens - The Art Pursuit of (Chelsea) Potter and Studio Manager
Prudy Vannier - Prudy’s Studio, Inc. Gallery Owner

6. C. Resumes of Key Development Partners
 Alexander Pollock
 Abraham Kadushin
 Fred Beal
 James Valenti
 Mark Wilcox
 Scott McElrath 

Fred J. Beal – Development Expertise

As President at JC Beal Construction Inc., Fred J. Beal has led the firm in the construction and
development of a variety of commercial and residential product in Southeastern Michigan. The
firm has, as an owner or partner in the projects of its affiliates and clients, participated in the
redevelopment of numerous historic tax credit properties, but also has new office product
experience. Representative projects, and the firms role in each are described below.

Historic Equities Fund I LLC

JC Beal Construction Inc. under Fred J. Beal, has teamed up with Beal Properties led by Stewart
Beal, in the creation of Historic Equities Fund I, a Real Estate Investment Fund specializing in
the in the re-development of historic and traditionally undervalued properties located principally
in Southeastern Michigan. Historic Equities Fund I LLC (the Company) is in the process of
raising $2.5 Million dollars to invest in the purchase and re-development of a minimum of a $20
Million portfolio of properties, with the intent to provide to its investors a higher than average
rate of return.

The Company plans to achieve its objective of higher than average rates of return through a
combination of; increases in property value, rental income, the use of historic and/or other tax
credits, including strategies to “sell” credits to third parties, and other tax, property management,
and marketing strategies that enhance long term investor income and property value. The
Company’s affiliation with JC Beal Construction Inc. and Beal Properties LLC provide it with
special expertise in these areas that has the potential to both enhance value and reduce the risk
normally associated with re-development projects.

The fund has recently initiated its first project, the mixed use Thompson Block Re-
development in “Depot Town” in Ypsilanti Michigan.

The Broderick Tower Loft Conversion Project, Detroit

Fred J. Beal has recently been named President of the development entity MOTOWN
CONSTRUCTION PARTNERS LP. to lead this $ 40 Million re-development of a historic
landmark 34 story Downtown Detroit building. New partners have been secured to bolster the
financial situation of this 135-145 unit high rise loft project.

This project will combine brownfield’s SBT credits, historic tax credits, local DDA façade
improvement funds, and local façade grants and other funding sources that have been identified.
Design work is complete, and preliminary marketing is underway way toward an early 2007
construction start.

JC Beal Construction Inc. is currently under contract as Construction Managers for this project
but may, as an investor in the project, solicit General Contract bids and assume the role of
Owner’s Representative for the Construction Phase.

The Farwell Building and the Leland House Projects

These two buildings, owned by a group of partners that overlaps with the owners of Broderick
Tower Developer MOTOWN CONSTRUCTION PARTNERS LP will be re-developed in the
next 3 years in an arrangement similar to that being utilized for the Broderick Tower as
referenced above.

Olympia Development / Ilitch Holdings Projects

JC Beal Construction Inc. has a master Owner’s representative Agreement with Olympia
Development / Ilitch Holdings to support their efforts to re-develop several downtown Detroit
properties, starting with a complete restoration and adaptive re-use project at the Detroit Life
Building on Park Avenue. Other properties subject to the agreement are the Fine Arts Building
and an adjacent lot on Adams, the United Artist Building, the former Madison Lenox Hotel
site on Madison, and several others nearby.

The West Michigan Avenue Loft Apartments, Ypsilanti

This project combines 5 historic buildings in downtown Ypsilanti to house 20 loft apartments on
the upper floors and a variety of retail/restaurant tenants below. This project, recently
completed, features open floor plans, high ceilings, and true loft amenities in a unique downtown

The project was developed by JC Beal Construction Inc., led by Fred J. Beal, in conjunction with
Beal Properties, Maurer Management, and George Fotiadis in a unique project in which the 5
buildings share common elements to reduce the cost of development, even though they will
continue under separate ownerships.

The project utilized a combination of historic and brownfields tax credits, developer equity, and
bank loans to construct a financing package that allows the project to go forward even with the
expectation of low apartment rents. Ultimately however, all 20 units were leased prior to the
completion of construction, and historic tax credit funds released at closing repaid the investors
their original investment at that time.

Chene West Riverfront Development

Providing Owner’s Representative and Pre-development Services to Spingarn LLC, a Bing
Group affiliate, JC Beal Construction Inc. is helping to guide this fantastic 50-60 unit waterfront

condominium project through a complex City development agreement process, and then into
design and construction.

221 Felch Street, Ann Arbor

This 28,000 square foot complex of buildings located at 221 Felch Street on the Northwest side
of downtown Ann Arbor, was constructed haphazardly through the early part of this century.
Purchased in very poor condition in 1993 by Fred J. Beal and George Beal under the structure of
221 Ventures Inc., the complex has undergone a continuing series of improvements to enhance
its street presence and upgrade the office and shop space to serve a large group of primarily
artists and trade firm tenants.

The Aizer Building, Detroit

JC Beal Construction Inc. and Kraemer Design Group have teamed up to provide the Aizer
family of Yonkers New York with a full range of Development Services that will lead to the
conversion of this building on the prime corner at Woodward and Grand River in Detroit into a
mixed use project of retail/restaurant and residential uses. Façade renovation is completed and
primary construction project is expected to start in late 2006.

115 West Liberty, Ann Arbor

The former Riders Hobby Shop building, located at 115 West Liberty in Ann Arbor was
redeveloped in 2000 creating a modern retail environment to house Tabor Hill Winery on the
first floor, and business / residential lofts on the two floors above. This historic tax credit project
was developed by Fred J. Beal and JC Beal Construction Inc. in conjunction with Peter Allen &
David Kwan of Allen & Kwan Commercial.

150 South Fifth Avenue, Ann Arbor

This project blends the historic Weinmann Building at the corner of Fifth and Washington in
downtown Ann Arbor with a new office building attached to the North and facing Fifth Avenue,
to house the Blue Nile Restaurant, three high end residential condominiums and class A office
space. The project was developed by JC Beal Construction Inc. in conjunction with 221 Ventures
Inc. and Spoon Equities LLC. 221 Ventures, owned by Fred J. Beal and George Beal, have
recently become the sole owner of this property. A small amount of historic tax credits were
generated by the historic renovation portion of this project.

The Riley Court Apartments, Ypsilanti

This 30 unit apartment complex was purchased by Beal Properties LLC in the summer of 2004.
Immediately after purchasing the property, Beal Properties LLC contracted with JC Beal
Construction Inc. to make $100,000 of improvements to the exterior as well as miscellaneous
improvements to each apartment. Now fully occupied with qualified tenants, the building will be
held for the long term. JC Beal Construction Inc. is currently assisting Beal Properties LLC in an
evaluation of whether 30 additional apartments can be developed on the 5 acre site.

Jim Valenti

 7120 Cottonwood Knoll, West Bloomfield, MI 48322

Work Experience:

JC Beal Construction Inc. Ann Arbor, MI

Project Manager / Estimator 2011

Project pricing and assembly for general contract and construction management
projects, owner and trade negotiations, preconstruction services, project management,
owner and architect relations, schedule and budget control for multiple projects.

Tri-River Design & Construction Pittsburgh, PA

Cost Estimating Manager 2000-2009

Directed budgeting and construction management for projects throughout the country.
Managed planning, negotiations, contracts and purchasing.

Borders, Inc. Ann Arbor, MI

Cost Estimating Manager 2000-2009

Directed budgeting for facilities and construction globally for 1000-store retail chain.
Managed planning, negotiations, contracts and purchasing. Managed all international
construction efforts.

Kirco Development Troy, MI

Business Development/Estimating Manager 1998-2000

Managed land development and construction estimating.

EDS Troy, MI

Facilities and Construction Manager 1995-1998

Directed real estate, architecture, construction and facilities management operations.

Educational Experience:

Ferris State University Big Rapids, MI

Bachelors of Architecture 1981

Project Experience:


Construction of new retail store in the following states, Washington, Arizona, Colorado,
Oklahoma, Georgia, Virginia, Pennsylvanian, Ohio, and Michigan.


Complete a ground up 60,000 square foot shopping center consisting of 4 separate
building and anchored by a 110,000 Kroger store.

NEW BORDERS BOOKS store throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, England,
Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore


Developed a 40,000 square foot ground up Municipal facility consisting of 20,000 of
office space, a 10,000 square foot Library and 10,000 square feet of community


Developed the preliminary, final estimates and managed the construction for all of the
Tenant Improvements of two 18 store office towers.


Constructed a 100,000 square foot, ground up facility with triple redundant power feeder
for a 24/7 operation.

Project Architect for projects throughout the United States.







Two time award winner of the American Institute of Woodworking, Bronze Medal

Professional References:

Dave Clearwood, Architecture 517-990-4423

Larry Tureff, ULTA Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance, Inc. 630-378-7249

Vince Vizza, Preit 215-796-8377

Mark Wilcox

32315 Craftsbury Rd., Farmington Hills, MI 48334

Construction and Development Experience:

JC Beal Construction Inc. Detroit, MI

Development Project Manager 2012

Manage pre-development and development activities, servicing as a consultant or
partner for new construction, renovation and historic restoration real estate development
projects. Lead and coordinate efforts from assessment of the viability of the overall
development, pursuit of financing and various incentives, construction costs and value
engineering and manage the multitude of entities involved in a successful development.

Urban Development Co. Detroit, MI

President 2006 to Present
Management of development and construction activities from acquisition to completion
and occupancy. Primarily mixed-use and multifamily restorations, renovations and
adaptive redevelopment projects.

Summit Property, Inc. Detroit, MI

Development Manager 2004 to 2006
Developer representative for this Seattle based real estate development firm managing
pre-development activities, municipality relations and the A/E and construction firms on
several Detroit real estate developme

George W Auch Company Detroit & Pontiac, MI

VP, Project Executive, Estimator & Project Manager 15 years

Extensive experience in health care construction and renovation, educational facilities,
commercial and retail construction.

Educational Background:

Central Michigan Mount Pleasant, MI

Construction Technology 1971 to 1974

FMI Institute Chicago, IL

Executive Program for Senior Managers 1987

Marketing & Selling Strategies 1985

Institute of Construction Management Detroit, MI

Numerous accredited courses 1978 to 1986

Mark Wilcox p2

Project Experience:
Developer and construction manager for the conversion of the former Grinnell Brothers
Piano Co. warehouse, in Detroit’s historic Corktown, 68,000SF, 34 condominiums


Estimator and project manager for a 160,000 SF facility including corporate computer
operations, warehousing and distribution.


Developer and construction manager for the restoration and renovation an historic
apartment building in New Center, Detroit. 32 apartments, utilized Historic Tax Credits.


Estimator and project manager for an 80,000 SF building equipped with an automated
retrieval system within the GE Carboloy manufacturing complex.


Development partner for the loft conversion development of the 7 story Carola Hotel in
Detroit’s Brush Park neighborhood.


Development partner and construction consultant for a $10 million charter school
academy, restoring the former vacant & decaying St. Stanislaus Catholic High School
on Detroit’s near eastside.


Project manager for the construction of a 48 bed assisted living facility within this
Oakwood Hospital affiliated senior housing complex.

Community Activities:

University Cultural Center Association Board Member 2003 to 2009

Pathway Family Centers Board Member 1999 to 2009

Tiger Stadium Redevelopment CDC Board Member 2006 to 2008

Active member over the years: AGC, CAM, BOMA, Rotary, Big Brothers Big Sisters

Professional References:

David Blaszkiewicz, President, Invest Detroit/Detroit Investment Fund 313-259- 6368
Sue Mosey, President, University Cultural Center Association 313-420-6000
Gerald VanAcker, COO Detroit Zoological Society 248-541-5717

Christopher Hajek, President, The Hajek Firm & NARED Inc. 248.613.9563

Scott McElrath, ncarb, leed ga
president – Dangerous Architects PC
University of Michigan, M arch, 1985
The Ohio State University, BS Arch, 1983
professional experience
Scott McElrath, Dangerous Architects PC; Chelsea, MI; President; 1994 to present. Full service architectural firm.
Administration, management, design, bid documents, and contract administration during construction.
. Visiting critic/juror, University of Michigan, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, 1994 to present
. Adjunct Assistant Professor, Andrews University, Department of Architecture, 1994-1995
. Robert Lee Wold Associates; Battle Creek, MI; Project Manager; 1992-1994
. Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Michigan, College of Architecture 1993-1994
. GBKB Architects; Traverse City, MI; Associate Architect; 1990-1992
. Scott and McIntosh Architects, Edinburgh, Scotland; Project Architect; 1988-1990
. Shope Reno Wharton Associates, Greenwich, CT; Project Architect; 1985-1988
selected awards, publications, and public lectures
Michigan Blue Magazine, “Right at Home”, Paladino Residence, Spring 2011
Seminar, Restoration of Downtown Historic Buildings, Clinton, MI. 2009
Gold Medal in Masonry Design (Detroit Metropolitan Home Book), 2002
East Cleveland Urban Design Charrette (Invited Participant), 2000
Parade of Homes, Holland, Michigan, 1995
Connecticut Society of Architects Award (single-family residence), 1988
Architectural Achievement Award, University of Michigan, 1985
Mussleburgh Market Street Project, Royal Institute of Scottish Architects Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland (exhibited)
Out of Site Competition, New York League of Architects, New York City; exhibited 1990
Competition Diomede, Clock Tower Gallery, New York City; exhibited internationally 1989:
World War II Memorial Competition, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland, First Place 1989
Metal Home Digest. “Sideways House Tackles Tradition Head On”; B. Fitra. March/April 2004; pp. 38-41
Ann Arbor News. “Design for Ann Arbor garage/barn is perfect match for rural environment”; R. Green. Nov 29, 2003;
p. E1
Ann Arbor News. “30 years of renovations”; R. Green. Jan 4, 2003; p. E1
Jackson Citizen Patriot. “30 years of renovations”, R. Green. April 18, 2002; pp. B1,5
Ann Arbor News. “Playful harmony”; R. Green. Feb 3, 2001; pp. E1,3
Jackson Citizen Patriot. “Radically harmonic”; R. Green. Feb 1, 2001; pp. B1,3
Rob Report. “10 great things about home entertainment: Ultimate convenience”; S. Castle. October 2000; 24:168-169.
Style. “48118 Main Street, USA”; M. Swoyer. Fall 2000; pp. 23-28.
Audio Video Interiors. “Michigan Tech”; K. Ritland. August 1999; cover and pp. 44-52.
Architecture. “Computers: Spinning your web page”; E. Padjen. June 1997; pp. 168-172

 Qualifications for Historical Projects
Scott McElrath is the President of Dangerous Architects PC. established in 1994, is a registered
architect in Michigan (since 1988), and NCARB (since 2003) He is a Certified Historical
Architect as listed with the State of Michigan. Scott has designed historically sensitive
restorations and rehabilitations to structures located in Michigan, Connecticut, Massachusetts,
New York State, and Scotland. His mixed-use development in Musselburgh Scotland won
design awards from the Scotland Society of Architects, and was exhibited at the Scotland
National Gallery. He has worked with several grant structures including Community Block
Development Grant (CDBG), Scenic Byways, Façade Grants, all per SHPO and Dept. of the
Interior Guidelines. He has worked with National Register projects, including the Frank
Residence in Chelsea, and the Towers of Irish Hills. His professional work has been published
in the Ann Arbor News, Jackson Citizen Patriot, Home Magazine, ARCHITECTURE magazine,
Architectural Record, the Connecticut Magazine, and Architectural Digest. His design work is
included in a book “Architectural Detailing”, published by the Whitney Library of Design.
Historically Sensitive Projects by Scott McElrath include:
. Addition/Renovation at Arbor Heights Center in Ann Arbor, a 1922 former orphanage
. Chelsea Village Municipal Offices, planned renovations, Chelsea, a 1910 brick building
. Adrian Training School in Adrian, a 1905 brick building
. Head start Classrooms in St. John Church in Jackson, a 1910 brick and stone building
. Waterloo United Methodist Church in Waterloo, addition to 1920s building
. Waterloo Township Hall, in Waterloo, addition to 1915 building
. Renovation at Winans Jewelry, Chelsea, a 1910 building
. Addition/Renovation at Cleary’s Pub, Chelsea, a 1910 building
. Renovation at the Old Sylvan Township Hall in Chelsea
. Renovation at GiGi’s Flowers in Chelsea
. Renovation of River Art Gallery in Chelsea
. Renovation of The Garden Mill, in Chelsea
. Alumni Center, University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut
. Townhouse Renovation, Boston Massachusetts
. Multiple addition/renovation projects to 180 year old houses in Connecticut, Rhode
Island, Massachusetts, and New York State.
. Northport Church, Northport. Addition/remodel.
. Traverse City Library, A Carnegie building, Traverse City
. Musselburgh Bakery, Musselburgh Scotland addition to 300 year old buildings
. Baberton Golf Clubhouse, Edinburgh Scotland, renovate 280 year old clubhouse
. Blacksheep Tavern, Restaurant/Residential Mixed Use, Manchester
. Boston University Art Gallery concept, Boston, Massachusetts
. Frank Residence, Chelsea, listed on National Register
. Hudson 200 block buildings, façade restorations to 7 downtown buildings
. Hudson 300 block buildings, 8 façade restorations per SHPO standards
. The Broadway, Design for façade renovation to men’s clothing store, Detroit, MI.
. Clinton Façade Project. Designs for 8 façade restorations in downtown Clinton, MI.
. Towers of Irish Hills, stabilization design for towers, built in 1924, on National Register.

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