The Mission of Preservation Chelsea

It is our mission to preserve Chelsea as a village rich with history and charm, reflected by historic buildings, surrounding farmlands, and as found in our beautiful and vibrant village center. We aim to work through education, offering to ourselves and the community the history of Chelsea as well as the issues shaping our future. We intend actively to preserve historic landmarks and to have a voice in all issues that affect any possible de-centralization of our village. It is our intention to pursue this mission with full involvement and input from merchants and citizens of Chelsea and to act in ways that make sense for the preservation of Chelsea's charm and historic integrity while supporting a vibrant and successful downtown.

Federal Screw Works

Federal Screw Works
This property has been under threat of total demolition since 2008--there are historically signficant and architecturally interesting sections that should be preserved!

Jackson Street Panorama

Jackson Street Panorama
The DDA voted at the meeting on 9.20.12 to demolish the Daniels Addition Car Showroom despite the letter from the State Historic Preservation Office. (please read below)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Updated Response, p 21

this is evident in the larger parking lot/ former showroom lot at Palmer Ford/Service, but is also evident at lots near Pamida, the new Post Office, and Country Market.
There are approximately 17 parking spaces along the railroad tracks, immediately across Jackson Street from the site, and an additional 20 spaces east of the Depot. TCC understands this parking is owned by the Chelsea Depot, maintained by the City, and available for public parking, Chelsea Depot rarely has demand higher than 2 or 3 spaces, except when they have an event, at which time demand can exceed their own available parking. TCC will attempt to coordinate high parking demand activities with the Depot, to maximize use of area parking without causing excessive stress on available parking.
TCC will investigate (in cooperation with the City, the Depot Association and other stakeholders) the feasibility of making Jackson Street one-way and adding parallel parking and/or pedestrian walkway along a portion of the Chelsea Connection. Jackson currently narrows to about 17 feet near the Depot, already making it inappropriate for 2-way traffic. The narrow width of the street, plus the height of the cornices of the Depot at 12’-6” has led to repeated damage to these cornices. Although traffic on Jackson Street is moderate, redevelopment of the site will increase vehicular traffic. Making this change (one-way, east bound) could further improve pedestrian safety, reduce vehicular bottlenecks and eliminate the hazard of trying to enter increasingly-busy M52. Alternatively, TCC and the City of Chelsea might consider making west-bound Jackson Street traffic “right turn only” onto Main Street. While this might not improve parking at the site, it would improve traffic flow.
TCC has investigated the potential for adding 15-20 additional parking spaces along Jackson Street, east of the existing Depot parking located east of the Depot (between East and McKinley). Though this property is beyond the Longworth site, PC-CCT/ TCC would be willing to pursue developing this parking (in conjunction with the City and railroad), if warranted.
Demolition vs. Renovation of Daniels Showroom
Opinions about the “right” thing to do with the Daniels Showroom addition have been varied and vocal within the community. Proponents of demolition have argued:
• Mid-century (modern) architecture of the showroom addition does not match turn of the century Mack building beyond.
• Showroom is too close to the sidewalk.
• There should be green space (park) at this location.
• Building blocks views, and therefore poses a traffic hazard.
PC-CCT proposes to retain the structure for the following reasons:
• Juxtaposition of architectural styles is consistent with other treatment elsewhere in Chelsea; it’s a part of the eclectic image of Chelsea. PC-CCT proposes adding an appropriate retractable

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