The Mission of Preservation Chelsea

It is our mission to preserve Chelsea as a village rich with history and charm, reflected by historic buildings, surrounding farmlands, and as found in our beautiful and vibrant village center. We aim to work through education, offering to ourselves and the community the history of Chelsea as well as the issues shaping our future. We intend actively to preserve historic landmarks and to have a voice in all issues that affect any possible de-centralization of our village. It is our intention to pursue this mission with full involvement and input from merchants and citizens of Chelsea and to act in ways that make sense for the preservation of Chelsea's charm and historic integrity while supporting a vibrant and successful downtown.

Federal Screw Works

Federal Screw Works
This property has been under threat of total demolition since 2008--there are historically signficant and architecturally interesting sections that should be preserved!

Jackson Street Panorama

Jackson Street Panorama
The DDA voted at the meeting on 9.20.12 to demolish the Daniels Addition Car Showroom despite the letter from the State Historic Preservation Office. (please read below)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Updated Response, p 9

Conceptual Size
This section has not changed since the Initial Response. Occupied Area impact on existing and proposed structures, all in approximate, gross square feet (SF):
Showroom/ Daniels Addition:
• First floor: no change, 760 SF
• Roof garden: new 760 SF of summer-occupied outdoor patio space
Mack Building:
• Basement/ Pit: existing gross area approximately 400 SF. Portion may be retained for mechanical space, pending further assessment of contaminants and water table. Otherwise, area will be filled/ sealed.
• First floor: no change in gross area, 3800 SF, split between two levels.
• Second floor: little or no change in gross area, 3800 SF. New open stair will reduce net area.
Mack-Livery Connector:
• First floor: no change in covered area, 730 SF. Gross enclosed area will be increased from 240 SF to 500 SF to accommodate 30 foot truck on-grade loading dock with new air lock.
Livery Building:
• First floor: no change in gross area, 5100 SF
• Tank Room Addition: Demolition of 1500 SF
• Second floor: no change in gross area, 5100 SF
• Third floor: new enclosed area, 500 SF, additional covered patio: 500 SF
Total Area
• Covered Footprint: Reduced from 11,900 SF to 10,400 SF
• Enclosed Floor Area: Reduced from 20,300 SF to 19,600 SF
Note: "Enclosed Floor Area" is floor space enclosed by walls and roof, but not necessarily conditioned space (eg. parking area in First floor of Livery is enclosed but not conditioned). "Covered footprint" is total roof area, or "bird's eye view" area.

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